With the 2024 Republic of Indonesia elections being held, organizers are needed for Indonesian citizens abroad, including the Netherlands. Therefore, the task of the Overseas Voting Organizing Group is to execute these activities so voting process runs smoothly.

Overseas Voting Organizing Group, Embassy of the Republic Indonesia

The Hague, Netherlands | Dec 2023 - Present

This is a community group that I created for Indonesian students to share information and make friends across Netherlands. 6 months since I created it, there have been around 800 members.

There are a lot of groups inside. there is a marketplace for fellow students, sports (football, running, basketball), groups for part time information sharing, etc. where majority of the initiatives are carried out by members for members.

Creator of Indonesian Student Community in the Netherlands

Netherlands | Aug 2023 - Present

This is a more formal association rather then the previous one. Historically, PPI Belanda (Dutch: Indonesische Vereeniging) was a political association of Indonesian intellectuals in the Netherlands and was an important part of the Indonesian anti-colonial movement. A lot of Indonesian partiots were coming from here such as Mohammad Hatta, "The Proclamator" and first vice president of Indonesia. Since 1952, its direction has changed to accommodate fellow Indonesian students in the Netherlands.

this was a fun experience even though I wasn't elected, I expressed my thoughts, provided further insight and got lots of new friends from here.

Candidacy for Secretary General of the Indonesian Students Association in the Netherlands (PPI Belanda)

Netherlands | Aug 2023 - Sep 2023

Civil Engineering Student Association in Bandung Institute of Technology is a student organization whose members are all civil engineering undergraduate students at ITB.

During my time as Vice President, I controlled 3 departments, namely the Profession Department, Studies Department, and Competition Department, where the profession department focus was studies in the field of civil engineering, studies department focused on socio-political discussions, while the competition department focused on competitions and its support.

Vice President of Civil Engineering Student Association in Bandung Institute of Technology

Bandung, Indonesia | Feb 2020 - Mar 2021

ICEE National Conference 2020 brings up the topic about "Transportation System Optimization".

Back then, I help ICEE to become the moderator for one of the FGD group on Operation and Maintenance. At the end of the FGD, we created a charter of solution for the Indonesia's Ministry of National Development Planning and Ministry of Transportation.

Moderator for ICEE 2020 National Conference

Bandung, Indonesia | Feb 2020

SIBADES is a village community service program, where in 2019 we build a school and retaining wall in Lamajang Village, West Java, Indonesia.

It is a very fun program, where I volunteer as a construction worker.

Voluntary Worker for SIBADES

Lamajang Village, Indonesia | Dec 2019

IMK Podcast is a podcast series made by the Entrepreneurship Student Association in Bandung Institute of Technology. During that time, I was invited to talk about the business in a construction project and how is it as a contractor and a consultant.

Speaker in IMK Podcast

Indonesia | Feb 2021