Roma Full Marathon

Roma, Italy | 17 Mar 2024

This is going to be my first Full Marathon ever. Still in training right now, so wish me luck.

Rotary Santa Run

Delft, Netherlands | 17 Dec 2023

This is a very fun and funny event held around the christmas, where everybody running around the city wearing the santa claus suit.

Eindhoven Half Marathon

Eindhoven, Netherlands | 8 Oct 2023

This is my second Half Marathon done in 2023. Quite a nice one, finished in 1:59:19. So far, this is my Personal Best.

Leiden Half Marathon

Leiden, Netherlands | 11 May 2023

This is my first Half Marathon ever. Really fun, love the vibes, finished in 1:59:32.

Not a really good player, although has been playing it weekly. Really enjoying it so far as a runaway from running.


Mountain Hiking

Mount Sindoro

Central Java, Indonesia | 5 - 8 Aug 2022

Mount Sindoro is a active stratovolcano in Central Java, Indonesia with elevation of 3,136 m (10,289 ft). We reached the summit although it's quite hard tbh since the road to the peak is really sandy and full of rock.

Mount Sumbing

Central Java, Indonesia | 8 - 10 Apr 2021

Mount Sumbing is a mountain next to Sindoro a bit higher, 3,371 m (11,060 ft), which makes the third highest mountain in Java. We reached the summit, although it's very cloudy that day, so there is nothing to see from there.....

Mount Papandayan

West Java, Indonesia | 20 Apr 2019

First time hiking a mountain. It's quite a small one compare to the other in Java. It only takes us a few hours to go up and down again with elevation of 2,665 m (8,743 ft).

Seeing northern lights in real life has always become a dream since my high school year. I learned a lot about it from Astronomy Science Olympiad on how's the process, how it happened, how to calculate etc etc, but that's impossible to see such a thing from a tropical country like Indonesia.

At the end of 2023, we went for a trip to Scandinavia country, crossing Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Spent a few days around Rovaniemi, Lapland and it showed up at the last day of our trip! 

Northern Lights

Lapland, Finland | 1 Jan 2024